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Cross Campus
Director / Cinematographer
Manuel S. Umo
Dan Dato
Executive Producers
Ronen Olshansky and Dan Dato
Cross Campus
Blair Golson, Dylan Steinman
Technical Consultants: Ben Pitts and Steve Rimingler.
Music by
Grieg – In the Hall of the Mountain King

A roller coaster of emotions during construction of the new location of Cross Campus as seen through the eyes of the founder and CEO, Ronen Olshansky. We get an inside view of the challenges, the transformation and the inspiration involved in creating this incredible new space.

Shot in Santa Monica, CA

With participation from
Ronen Olshansky and the construction team.
Shot with
Panasonic AG-AF 100 –
Additional footage: Go Pro 3+
Carl Zeiss 50 mm f. 1.4