We talk about true stories

Our mission

Every shot, every sound and every word
that we bring to our films
is carefully crafted in order
to understand and portray
the unique vision of each individual
and bring that passion to life

  • Brian ConyerFounder Connect A Kid

    Thanks, Manuel!  Just wanted to let you know that the feedback for the short film has been incredible!  Thank you so much for taking such a genuine interest in our organization.  I can't wait to start brainstorming for our next project!

  • Mel R. Friedman CHBMember JCNA / Jaguar Owners Club Los Angeles

    I sought out Manuel’s expertise because I wanted not just a film production to showcase my car collection, but, also, to dig deeper into my passion for these cars and to highlight how my interest in the Jaguar marque came about. The final product captured a perfect balance of both, yielding a magnificent result.

  • Anthony RoyFounder Kellie K Apparel

    One of the first comments I usually received from people about the campaign is the superb quality of the film. Not only did the film turn out great, but the effort that went into making it was enjoyable as well. Manuel’s great communication during the pre-production phase made sure that our expectations were matched.

  • Thanks to the spot New Logic created for me, I’m now getting the exposure I need for my business. The traffic on my social media channel has increased exponentially and has already brought me new clients. Manuel’s vision is doing exactly what I hoped it would and now I have the opportunity to expand my company.