New Logic Cine is art.
It’s commerce. It’s fun.
We focus on the emotions of every story.
It’s a great way to project your vision.


Manuel S. Umo


With a BA in Journalism from San Pablo University in Madrid, Manuel began his career as a freelance reporter in places such as Kosovo and Israel, with collaborations for the BBC and investigative reports for El Mundo.

Given a scholarship to study film at NYU, he shot a thesis film that would open up a whole new direction for him. He moved to Los Angeles and started his own production company, New Logic Cine.


Angela Whittaker

Voice Over

Established herself in the entertainment industry as a successful voice over artist and is represented in both Los Angeles and New York by two of the top agencies, DPN and Don Buchwald & Associates.

She has recorded commercials for thousands of companies such as ABC, Showtime, Lexus, Proctor & Gamble and many others.

Local Freelance Talent

Cinematography and Crew

New Logic Cine works with a carefully curated crew of local cinematographers, editors, colorists, and other professionals to deliver consistent quality results.

Crewing is flexible based on the projects size and complexity, meaning we can take on any project, large or small.